Trench Town girl, Kingston, Jamaica. 2009

Girl in TrenchTown

This girl, whose name I unfortunately can’t remember, was standing outside a community library that offered social and educational programs in Trench Town. Almost directly behind me as I took this photo was Bob Marley’s small ‘government yard’ house in the community.


I was in Kingston to write a few stories and make a video about a project Cuso supported that helped kids navigate – both legally and emotionally – through the court system.



Women meeting about democratic involvement in Bamenda, Cameroon. 2011


These women were meeting to voice their concerns about their lack of voice in municipal government decision-making.

2NW Cameroonian Women BW

I was in Northwest Cameroon to write stories on projects that support women through microcredit, small business training, democracy education, and advocacy for widows.


Organic rice farmer, Isaan, Thailand. 1994

Isaan farmer 3

This is Ahmorn on her organic rice farm. I was involved with the Nova Scotia Environment & Development Coalition, which had a solidarity project with environment and community groups in Thailand. We were able to send several farmers to visit successful organic farms in other parts of Asia, and brought a few farmers to Nova Scotia as well.

seeding rice

Thailand was my second volunteer stint abroad, but a shorter posting. I was there supporting the Nova Scotia-Thailand solidarity project, as well as write articles for a Canadian audience on topics including sustainable development, community-based tourism, farming and fair trade.